I attended the young muslimah event on the 29th of March 2014 at the Pakistani Community Centre (PCC).

I had a halal pick n mix stall it was very exciting setting up my stall and decorating my table with my friend who was selling bracelets.

It was nice seeing girls of different ages selling various items from food to personalised paintings in Arabic. All the girls put allot of thought and effort into decorating their tables they all looked unique in their own way.

The turn out was amazing I did not think that many people would come as it was the first Muslimah event . The atmosphere was lively and people were very generous.

I had lots of fun preparing for the event but it was also challenging choosing the right sweets that I thought would sell. And buying all the little bits such as the sweet bags, scoops and tongs. The hardest job of all was forcing my mum to pay for them all.

All together it was such fun and I made quite a lot of profit which was exciting for me to spend.

I would like to thank the organiser aunty Safeya for organising this event as I had so much fun.

We hope to do more events in the future. In the mean time I’ll enjoy attending the PCC Girls Club on Sundays.

Rumaysa (13 years old)