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Pakistan Community Centre is a focus for the Pakistani Community with the AIM to provide services for all in particular the Pakistani Community regardless of race, beliefs, views and religion. We provide advice and help with visa and passport issues and we also offer some sports opportunities for young & old people, particularly Women and the Youth.

 By the early eighties Reading Pakistani Community was one of the largest ethnic minority communities in Reading. There had been a huge demand for a community centre and a meeting place for the Pakistani Community. This was in line with other communities enjoying similar facilities such as the Central Club given to the West Indian Community. At this time the Berkshire County Council resolved to make their old Teachers Centre in Norris Road into Asian Community Centre. However due to divisions within our Pakistani Community and lack of organization the Norris Road facility went to the Indian Community, which was led by the Indian Workers Association, who had been better organised.

Soon after senior members including likes of Zulfikhar Ali Shah, Chaudhry Bashir, Mr Jaffri, Sufi Khan, Raja Majeed, Mr Abdulla, Altaf Khan, Raja Banaras and later on Ejaz Elahi made efforts to organize the community. Elections were held and even with divisions an organization was borne to strengthen the community as the Pakistani Community Welfare Association.

  • Main Hall weddings £175 deposit £50
  • Mehndi, Ubtan-Manya, Dholki Nights and parties £125 plus a deposit of £50
  • Main Hall £20 per hour with a capacity of 150 people
  • Small Room £10 per hour good for training room and small meetings
  • Sound and Tannoy system £10
  • Use of Kitchen & Urn £10 Community Group rates: Janaza Prayers are free subject to hall being available, however hire for Tazkiyya and Khatams £15 per hour Main Hall & £5 Small Hall.
  • Concessions will be given for any regular group bookings, please also note that Pakistan Community Centre is a registered charity in order run efficiently an

PCC  Opening Times (Monday to Friday 10:30 am to 1:30)

You can now book online or for further information please send an email to

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Pakistan Community Centre, Programme / Activities

  • Pakistanis, Visa Forms, Sponsorship forms
  • Form filling of British Passport and Attestation
  • Indefinite stay to Remain, Extension of stay to Remain.
  • Information, Sign posting & forms available for Naturalisation & Immigration.
  • Translation of Urdu Marriage, Birth & Death Certificates

You can now book online or for further information please send an email to